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Shovel Narrowed Up To Make It Easier To Dig
Bill Reeks, Cromwell, Ky.: "I feed shelled corn to wildlife. Adding a handle to the lower side of a 2-gal. plastic bucket makes it easier to scoop the corn out of bulk containers. I use 1/2-in. electrical conduit, flattened at both ends, to make the handle and drill two small bolt holes to bolt it on.
  "I narrowed up this shovel to make it easier to dig. At 78 years old and living with arthritis, the smaller sized shovel allows me to work in greater comfort. I also welded a full width 1/8-in. thick steel plate onto the back side for my foot to push on.
  "After emptying out 1-quart oil bottles, I shove their necks into a 1-gal. jug to catch whatever oil is left in the bottles. I use the collected oil in squirt oil cans.
  "A V-belt formed into a loop, and with a washer slipped over it, works great for lifting and moving small logs.
"A great amount of our food is sold in plastic, cardboard, and metal packages. These packages can be recycled into useful items that make our lives easier and also reduce the waste going into landfills. Many of the containers that our eggs and meat come in can be used to store small items. For example, egg cartons with their tops removed and plastic meat trays can be stored in a wood or cardboard box with dividers to fit.
"I made this heavy duty 20-in. long machete from an old cross-cut saw blade. The aluminum handle is attached with three heavy rivets. I've used this big knife to cut up to 3-in. dia. tree limbs and also bushes. I keep it on my tractor."

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