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Tractor Headlight Bolted Onto Tractor Steps
Rex Gogerty, Hubbard, Iowa: "A cluster of plastic containers, bolted to the frame of our Deere 4640 tractor, provides handy storage for our fire extinguisher, as well as ether and penetrating oil. The containers originally were filled with anti-freeze, motor oil or penetrating oil. After removing the labels I drilled a hole in each container, then bolted the containers all together into a cluster. Then I bolted the cluster onto the tractor, using an existing hole in the frame. It's important to put washers on the inside to keep the containers from splitting. There is a toolbox on the other side of the tractor, but I wanted to keep these items separate for quicker access.
  "A used tractor headlight bolted onto the steps on the other side of the tractor makes it easier to see and adds safety. The light is wired to the tractor's lighting system and automatically comes on whenever the tractor's lights are turned on. My son made a bracket for the headlight and bolted it onto the steps. It comes in handy at night whether the tractor is indoors or outdoors, because any time it's dark it's good to have extra light around the steps. For example, standing corn stalks in a field can be easy to trip over but with the light I can see them right away."

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2007 - Volume #31, Issue #3