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"Relief" Milking A Good Family Sideline
Based on the premise that dairy farmers deserve to have a life away from their dairy farms, Paul and Jody Wendt have established a thriving part-time business doing "relief" milking for dairymen who need a break.
  Both Paul and Jody grew up on dairy farms and Paul worked on his dad's dairy for many years, so he says milking is in his blood. He also works full-time as assistant manager of a dairy feed store. Jody helps out when needed with milking so he can continue with both jobs.
  After taking care of a herd for a friend, word spread that the Wendt's were capable and willing to provide milking services, and they got more clients. They've been doing it now for four years and have about 25 regular clients. Most of their customers have 100 cows or less.
  Their charges are based on the number of cows to be milked, plus they have a per hour labor price for doing extra miscellaneous chores other than milking. They also charge a mileage fee, although they work primarily within a 50-mile radius of home.
  To familiarize himself with a new client's chore regime, he assists the farmer with chores the night before the farmer leaves.
  "I wash and disinfect myself when I arrive and leave every farm, and the dairymen know that I treat their place just like it was my own," Paul points out. "I also make sure I'm available an extra day before and after the planned job, just in case the farmer needs to leave earlier than expected, or is late getting back."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, PJ's Milking Service, Paul and Jody Wendt, 26083 626th St., Theilman, Minn. 55945 (ph 651 565-4769 or 651 380-1659).

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