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Tined Cultivator Combs Out Young Weeds
When Canadian farmer Jan Beekman went to Holland last year on vacation, he heard about an innovative new tined cultivator that was selling fast to farmers to keep crops weed-free without herbicides.
After seeing it work, Beekman imported an 18-ft. model and put it to the test on his own farm. It worked so well, he decided to become North American distributor.
The Einbdck tined weeder "combs" weeds out of almost any standing crop including corn, soybeans, small grains, potatoes, and so on. Fitted with 6 rows of gently curved 20-in. long steel tines, the new weeder can be used on crops up to about 1 ft. tall. In corn, Beekman first uses the weeder about 5 days after planting to get rid of small weeds. It also breaks up the soil crust to improve seed emergence and increase water absorption and can be used on hay ground to stimulate growth.
Beekman says the no-chemical approach requires more management. "You have to get the weeds when they're small - just breaking through the seedbed - and when the ground is dry and loose. It covers about 70 percent of the weeds and rips out the rest. The faster you drive with it, the greater the success. We've worked at speeds up to 7 1/ 2 mph."
Angle of tines can be adjusted to five different positions, depending on weed size and ground conditions. The more vertical the tines, the more aggressive the tillage. Vibration of the tines is critical to success of the machine.
Available in sizes from 9 to 36 ft. in width, the largest unit requires only a 70 hp. tractor. It folds hydraulically. An 18-ft. unit sells for $4,700 (Canadian).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jan Beekman, Rt. 1, Terra Cotta, Ontario LOP 1NO Canada (ph 416 838-3886).

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