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"Electric Bumper" Keeps Cattle Off Your ATV
Gene Timperley needed something to protect his ATV from cattle in the field, so he invented a heavy duty "electric bumper" that mounts on front of the ATV.
  "It's like having a giant mobile cattle prod," says Timperley.
  The ATV-X electric bumper is made from a type of rubber material that conducts electricity. The U-shaped bumper extends 20 in. in front of the ATV and is 1 ft. high. It mounts between the ATV's headlights using heavy duty, nylon ziplock ties. The bumper is electrified by a 12-volt electric fencer unit (not included) that hooks up to the ATV's battery. A pair of 24-in. ground chains attach to the ATV's rear hitch and drag on the ground to complete the circuit. A toggle switch on the ATV handlebar is used to turn the fencer on or off.
  "It protects your ATV from damage and also provides the rider with safety from livestock," says Timperley. "It doesn't take long before they will come to respect your ATV just like they respect an electric fence. We've used it on our ranch for more than a year. Now I wouldn't drive a 4-wheeler without it. It's a lot less expensive than dealing with a broken rack or bumper, which can cost $300 to $500 to replace.
  "To use it you slowly drive up to the animal and nudge it slightly with the bumper. The animal will get a big shock and keep moving. If you park the ATV in a pasture and step away, some animals will slowly nudge their noses against the bumper. Once they hit it you'll hear a big popping sound. After that they'll stay away and won't lick or slobber on the ATV.
  "It takes only about 10 minutes to install.  "You can store the electric fencer in the ATV's carrying compartment or under the rear rack. The bumper extends only 20 in. in front of the ATV, so you can still fit the ATV into the back of a pickup for highway transport."
  There are four pre-cut holes on each side of the bumper where you insert the zip lock ties. Only the raised portion of the bumper is electrified - not the 1-in. border where the zip locks go through and also not the back side of the bumper. "Make sure that only the back, the border, or the non-raised area of the bumper is touching metal," says Timperley. "The zip lock ties are 1/2 in. wide and 1/4 in. thick. They're made of nylon which won't carry electricity."
  Sells for $300 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ATV-X Inc., 50077-888 Road, Lynch, Neb. 68746 (ph 402 569-2889; gene@atv-x.com; www.treechopper.com).

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