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Grain Bin "Rescue Tube"
Workers trapped in grain bins are likely to be rescued successfully if first responders are equipped with the new Liberty Grain Rescue Tube, according to Dirk Maier, of Liberty Rescue Systems LLC near Brookston, Ind.
  The system consists of a four-section plastic tube big enough to go around the person trapped in grain. Rescue workers fit the tube together inside the bin, then drive the panels down into the grain. In most cases the panels slide down easily, but panels also can be equipped with slide hammers for driving them down.
  The grain then is removed from around the trapped person. Grain can be scooped out or sucked out by a shop vac, if available. The tube is equipped with support handles for victims to grab onto.
  According to the company's website, over the past 40 years more than 600 workers have been engulfed and suffocated in flowing grain. Until now, the method most often used in rescues has been cutting holes in bins to allow grain to spill out.
  The Rescue Tube was used recently in grain rescue training workshops in Maryland, Michigan, and Indiana. According to the company, advanced training by emergency and rescue personnel certainly is a "must" with this entirely new system so they will be able to use it rapidly and with confidence in a real emergency.
  List price is $3,700.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Liberty Rescue Systems, LLC (ph 888 213-8823 or 765 567-8823; libertyrescue@gmail.com; www.libertyrescuesystems.com).

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