Self-Propelled 2-Way Plow
Swedish farmer Staffan Soderberg, of Holo, has developed a self-propelled hydrostatically driven 2-way plow that's probably the most efficient plowing unit ever built.
When the driver comes to the end of the field, he doesn't even have to turn around. He simply stops the tractor, raises the six bottoms he was pulling, lowers the six bottoms mounted up front, swivels the seat and throws the tractor in reverse.
The power unit is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission using slow-running hydraulic motors, one on each wheel. A 300 hp. Scania diesel engine drives the four adjustable hydraulic pumps. For control purposes, the hydraulic pumps are connected 2 by 2, meaning there are only 2 control units. One pair drives the wheels on the left side, and the other pair drives the wheels on the right. This means that the left-hand wheels and the right-hand wheels can be run independently.
The hydrostatic transmission permits fully variable speed control.
Maximum pulling power is "not less than 11 tons". There are two additional hydraulic pumps for working hydraulics. Steering and working hydraulics for lifting arms and other outlets for implements are fully independent of each other, meaning that the machine can be steered and implements lifted and lowered at the same time.
The cab is mounted in the middle of the tractor, thereby giving the driver a better view and making the machine easier to control. There are 3 controls on the driving seat which is both vertically and laterally suspended, and fully swiveling.
The machine has articulated steering but can also be steered by means of the wheels since they can be run independently of each other on either side (track type steering). Since the plows turn all plow ridges in the same direction, there are no end furrows or ridge strips.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Staffan Soderberg, Helleby Farm, Holo, Sweden.

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