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Gopher-Proof Cable For Center Pivots
Now there's a way to assure that underground wiring will be "troublefree" for the life of electric center pivot irrigation systems.
Called Tuf-Hide, it's a gopherresistant, multi-conductor cable developed by Paige Electric Corporation, Union, N.J. Tuf-Hide Cable contains four insulated power conductors, plus two shielded pump shutdown vires, twisted and Gvrapped in a heavy-duty, polyethylene jacket.
"Tuf-Hide provides more reliable underground service to center pivots than single conductor cable," according to John Anderson, manager of Paige Electric's facility at Columbus, Neb.
"Failure of underground wiring is one of the primary reasons for downtime early in the life of an otherwise trouble-free sprinkler," he points out. "Reasons for failure can often be traced to the use of single conductor power cables which are buried in a shallow ditch running from the power source to the center pivot control box."
Both the tough jacket and its larger diameter are reasons Tuf-Hide cable is rodent resistant. Actually, metallically-armored cable - preferably using stainless steel - is the only "guaranteed" way to make cable gopher proof, according to research at Bell Laboratories. `' We make a gopher proof cable, with stainless steel, but it is much more expensive," Anderson explains.
Induced voltage, another problem with single conductor cable is eliminated with Tuf-Hide cable. Shielding between the power and control wires is achieved with an aluminum/mylar shield which is tied to ground in the cable, thus draining the induced voltage off the control wires, Anderson explains.
"We want farmer buyers of center pivots to know that they do have a choice of underground wiring at the time they order a sprinkler. They have the right and should specify gopher resistance, reliability and safety," he concludes.
For more information on Tuf-Hide cable, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, O.N. DiRienzo, Paige Electric Corp.; P.O. Drawer L, Union, N.J. 07083 (ph 201 687-7810).

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