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He Refuels At 100 Gal./Min
"With tractors having fuel tanks holding from 100 to 300 gal., it used to take a lot of time to fuel up during the busy planting season," explains Coy Again, of Rocheport, Mo. "With the hydraulic pump on our 500 gal. home-built fuel tank trailer, we can pump 100 gal. a minute to re-fuel tractors."
Coy says he originally bought the Hypro pump for a spray system on a 4-wheel drive tractor with no pto. When that matchup no longer suited him, he decided to put the pump on a tandem axle trailer with a 500 gal. fuel tank.
The hydraulic hoses on the pump hook to the tractor being re-fueled. Speed of the pump is controlled by speed of the tractor and, with an automatic shut-off on his fuel nozzle, there's no problem with overfilling tanks. He usually keeps his refueling rate down to about 35 gal. a minute, however, because of the higher pressure involved at maximum pumping rates.
"The biggest advantage, in addition to being fast, is that it's a safe way to fuel," says Coy. "There's no chance of sparks like you might get hooking up jumper cables to power an electric motor. We're also able to pump water and other liquids, if needed in a pinch."

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