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How To Chase Beavers Away
"I keep reading about all the problems beavers are causing rural people across the country and thought readers might be interested in a good idea I came up with several years ago," says Dan Krenzel, Cullman, Alabama.
  "After a tornado, a retention pond in a creek behind our property became home to a family of beavers. When they chewed down a nice tree in my neighbor's yard across the pond, I realized my own beautiful shade trees were in danger. That's when I came up with the idea for my Wonder Solution.
  "I took 6 heads of crushed garlic, 1 gallon of canned jalopeno peppers, and a quart of Wesson cooking oil. I emulsified the whole mess in a blender and painted the tree trunk bottoms and root area with the solution using an old paint brush.
  "The beavers found my trees unpalatable and they left them alone. Later, we had a heavy rain, and it washed some of the solution into the pond. The floating solution irritated the beaver's eyes and shortly thereafter they headed off to a new location. The mixture stayed on the trees a long time."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dan Krenzel, 510 Elizabeth Street NE, Cullman, Alabama 35055.

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