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Aerosol Paint Can "Shaker"
Paul Dietz got tired of wearing out his arm while shaking aerosol paint cans.
  "I thought there has to be a better way so I could do other jobs while the paint was being mixed."
  So he came up with an automatic "revolver" that simply rotates the can around and around, causing the ball inside to roll back and forth. The device makes use of a windshield wiper motor and an ordinary car jack.
  He started with a 2-speed wiper motor. He removed a metal arm that attaches to the wiper blades.
  The aerosol can is strapped onto a metal cradle, which consists of a piece of sheet metal with the edges curled up. He drilled a hole into the cradle and threaded it, allowing him to mount the cradle directly on the wiper motor's threaded shaft. The motor itself is welded to the top of an old bumper jack, which is clamped to the jack's post.
  To operate the shaker, he uses alligator clips to hook up the motor to a car battery. "As soon as I feed power from the battery to the motor, the can starts revolving. It goes slowly around and around like the minute hand on a clock, causing the ball inside the can to start rolling back and forth," notes Dietz.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul J. Dietz, 8538 Lake Rd., Hicksville, Ohio 43526 (ph 419 542-7250).

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