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Kroil Penetrating Lubricant
John R. Johnson, Paradise, Mont.: "When a pulley on my pto-driven sicklebar mower froze onto the shaft, I used a liberal amount of Kroil lubricant to loosen it up (ph 800 311-3374; www.kanolabs.com). After applying the oil I let it set overnight. The next day, the pulley came right off.
    "I use a lot of this product so I bought a 1-gal. jug. I also bought a small can for my wife who uses it all the time, too.
    "After the radiator on my tractor plugged up, causing the tractor to overheat, I decided to try to clean it out. I flushed the entire cooling system with a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate, which removed all the goop and gunk. Then I dumped that mixture out of the radiator and flushed it again with a mixture of muric acid and water. It cleaned the entire system, and my total cost was only about $5. When I looked down into the radiator it was sparkly clean. No more problems.."

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2006 - Volume #30, Issue #4