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Home Made Wasp Trap
It only takes a few minutes to make a sure-fire wasp trap, according to Ron Post of Celina, Ohio. It costs almost nothing, too.
  "Just take a clear plastic bottle like an Ocean Spray juice bottle and drill a tiny hole through the center of the cap," he explains. "Then, take a piece of yellow plastic and wrap it around a piece of wire or a clothes hanger. Hang the yellow end of the wire under the cap so that it dangles inside the bottle, and use the other end of the wire as a hanger for the trap."
  Wasps are attracted to the color yellow. To create entry holes for the wasps, Post uses a 1/2-in. reamer and punches about a dozen jagged holes in the bottle, about 4 to 5 in. from the bottom. He points out that the goal is to have a rough surface (jagged edges) on the inside of the holes to prevent the wasps from coming back out after they've climbed in the smooth outer entry hole.
  "Then pour about a half inch of pure apple cider in the jug. Hang it up and you'll catch wasps like you wouldn't believe," he says. "The wasps are drawn to the smell of the cider and the yellow plastic in the bottle. I hang them up on tree limbs."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Post, 726 Skeels Rd., Celina, Ohio 45822 (ph 419 942-1897).

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