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Group Revives Fox Hunt Tradition
Last spring some 70 members of a local quail hunting group got together to revive an old tradition of fox hunting that was popular years ago when foxes were a threat to chickens and pigs. The only difference was that today the pest animals the men went hunting for were coyotes.
  Terry Hinton, Nokomis, Ill., president of the Illinois Tri County Quail Unlimited, was pleased to have the participation of some 70 men from Christian, Montgomery, and Shelby counties.
  Like an old-time fox hunt, the men were distributed around square mile sections and then walked to the center. Hunters carried shotguns and wore bright clothing. They took three coyotes but missed four or five.
  Hinton notes that many of the old timers including this writer shared stories about the old fox drives, when no guns were allowed. Hunters drove the foxes to the center and then turned the greyhounds loose to chase them down and kill them. Greyhounds don't have a nose for scents so they had to make visual contact before being set loose.
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