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Monster Bike Fitted With Extra Wheels, Motor
When Hiram Wilson first saw a Coker Monster Cruiser bike with big 36-in. wheels, he liked what he saw (www.coker.com). But at age 75, he thought the big bike might be more than he could handle. Adding a motor and two smaller wheels on back made all the difference.
"I built a platform on one side and mounted a 5 hp Tecumseh engine on it," said Wilson. "I added a 24-in. wheel to each side. The extra wheels and motor turned it into an easy-to-ride motor scooter."
To make it easier to mount-dismount, Wilson bought a ladies style monster bike. A retired welder, he built the engine platform and side wheel mounts out of square tubing. The wheel opposite the engine was mounted half an inch higher than the center wheel.
"It still stabilizes the bike, but ensures the center wheel is always on the ground," says Wilson.
A jackshaft mounted on top of the large wheel transferred power from the engine on one side to a 24-in. sheave pulley mounted to the other side of the wheel. The sheave was from a 1940's Whizzer motorbike.
"I took a cable off an old 10-speed bike and hooked it up to the carburetor for a throttle and kill button," says Wilson. "The front brakes are a modern caliper style brake, but the rear wheel has a coaster brake."
A centrifugal clutch on the engine activates the drive belt. Wilson simply throttles up or down to engage the clutch.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hiram Wilson, 315 Bonnaridge Dr., Hermitage, Tenn. 37076 (ph 615 883-1177).

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