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Car-Powered "Portable" Air Compressor
Walter Rodler recently got in touch to tell us about a few of the unusual ideas he's come up with on his farm near Debert, Nova Scotia.
  One of the ideas that at first seems a bit odd but is actually very useful is this car-powered portable air compressor. Walter came up with the idea because he wanted to be able to sandblast equipment all over the farm but it was difficult to get a high volume of air in remote locations.
  His solution? Put a belt-driven air compressor in the passenger seat of a front-wheel drive Oldsmobile Firenza car. It's driven by a pulley that mounts in place of the right front wheel. The belt drives a pulley on a shaft that extends through a hole in the right front passenger door to another pulley that direct-drives the compressor.
  An airline runs from the compressor to the back of the car where a fitting mounts in place of the original taillight. He simply hooks his sandblaster up to that.
  "The car has a 3-speed transmission so it's easy to adjust the volume of air. It takes just minutes to put the wheel back on the car and drive away," says Rodler.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walter Rodler, 695 Plains Rd., Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada B0M 1G0 (swrodler@eastlink.ca).

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