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Trimmer Attachment For Riding Mowers
"Our new string trimmer attachment lets you trim around trees, under fences and near walls, right from the seat of your riding mower. It makes a nice, even cut without scalping or cutting too high," says Dean Nafziger, Noah Mowing System, Archbold, Ohio.
    The Noah mower-trimmer combines a 16-in. dia. high lift blade with a 3-string trimmer head. The unit mounts on one side of the deck and is belt-driven off the mower's existing belt-drive system. The mower-trimmer head is designed to swing laterally in and out when the head comes in contact with an obstacle. The forward design allows the operator to "hook" around obstacles to trim places a normal mower deck can't reach.
    The trimmer head mounts below the blade. The high lift blade creates a vortex that sucks grass up into the trimmer lines.
    The attachment rides on a single caster wheel that allows the unit to float, swing, and roll past items while the blade cuts all the grass neatly around objects. The string can be adjusted to stay within the housing or extend beyond its perimeter.
     The outside part of the housing that contains the blade and string is lined with rubber belting to avoid scratching whatever it comes in contact with.
    "It's built like a tank and makes a nice, clean cut that's the same height as grass cut by the mower deck," says Nafziger. "The blade is designed mainly to create suction, but it also mulches the grass or weeds so if you have knee-high weeds along a barn it'll grind them up without leaving any big chunks.
    "Many cemetery customers have been able to trim using the same line for two hours, and in a couple of cases have trimmed all day because the line never comes in contact with any obstacles. The trimmer can use up to .170 diameter line, which is the largest we can find. The rubber belting on the housing allows the unit to roll right along objects such as trees without damaging them.
    "One of our customers mows grass on a 180-acre cemetery and had been using five kids with push mowers and string trimmers to do all the work. Now they're using a single riding mower and our trimmer attachment to do the same work. They put about 1,000 hours on the unit before they even had to replace a bearing."
    The base unit sells for $1,299 plus the mount and drive kit which is available for different mower brands and sizes.
    The company also recently introduced a blower that mounts on the deck of any riding mower. The blower fits on the same mounting bracket that the mower-trimmer fits on and is also belt-driven. The operator adjusts the angle of air discharge from the seat with the use of a control cable.
    "It puts out a tremendous volume - 1,000 cfm's at up to 187 mph - and runs very quiet," says Nafziger.
    "We developed it mainly for the cemetery market to blow debris off markers, as well as to clean up during the fall when leaves cover the markers. It works great in cemeteries. As you go down along a row of markers, you can blow leaves between the markers and mulch them on the return pass. It also works great for blowing grass clippings off markers that are flush with the ground."
    Sells for $900.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dean Nafziger, Noah Mowing System, 101 Depot St., Archbold, Ohio 43502 (www.noahmowingsystem.com).

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