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Five Minutes To Wash A Horse
A veterinarian-approved product line called EQ Solutions easily gets the attention of show animal enthusiasts.
  That's because dealers point out that the all-natural liquid and a special applicator will clean horses, cattle, dogs and all other livestock with no need for scrubbing, buckets or any other hassle.
  EQ Solutions products are made from plant esters that are naturally attracted to the proteins, sugars and fats that comprise dirt and grime. There are no detergents, petroleum products, salts, or caustics, and no residue is left behind, according to Mike Williams, a distributor in Pueblo, Colo. He explains that the products are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-irritating and readily biodegradable.
  As soon as the solution is applied to the animal's coat, or maybe a horse trailer, the ingredients rapidly begin to break down the basic soil components. EQ Solutions is also safe for plastics, decals, paint, rubber and vinyl.
"It also saves water because you don't wet the animal first. You spray it directly on the dry hair it's easily dispensed through a foaming tool, which attaches to a garden hose and dilutes the solution for you. It uses water pressure to siphon the solution out of the bottle," Williams explains.
  Under average conditions, the foaming tool will dispense about 2 oz. of solution per cleaning of an average-sized horse. It takes only about 5 minutes to apply the product and rinse clean with water. "We encourage owners to apply the foam once more and leave it on. This is because it helps to eliminate the food source for fungus and bacteria to grow on," says Williams,
  The product can be used to remove stains on an animal. For this purpose, it's recommended that a stronger concentration be applied to the stain, and left on for some time before rubbing and rinsing it out.
  In all, there are more than 10 products in the EQ Solutions line.
  Dealers can be scheduled to visit large stables, training facilities and livestock shows where they will wash your animal for you, providing a free demo intended to show the value of the product.
  New dealer inquiries are welcomed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, EQ Solutions, LLC, corporate office, 8650 N IH35, Georgetown, Texas 78626 (ph 866 377-6588 or 512 864-1577; fax 512 864-1882; sales@EQSolutions.net; www. eqsolutions. net) or EQ Distributing, LLC, Mike Williams (distributor for Colo., New Mexico and Wyo.), 2648 Santa Fe Drive, #2 Pueblo, Colo. 81006 (ph 719 671-8078; eqdistributing @hotmail.com).

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