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"Rump Sign" Turns Your Horse Into A Walking Ad
The process of buying and selling horses has been made easier with this new "peel and stick" sign from Horse Sales Made Easy.
  The "Rump Sign" is a durable vinyl self-adhesive "for sale" sign that sticks to your horse's hind quarters and turns him into a walking advertisement.
  It says "Horse For Sale" in bright, bold lettering on a 6-in. diamond-shaped sign, and includes space for the seller to add a phone number or email address.
  "It's an easy way to let people know you've got a horse for sale, and it works wherever your horse is - on the trail, at a show, in the pasture, or tied to your trailer - any place people can see him," says inventor John Rogers, Parkman, Ohio. "At shows and on trail rides, there are often a lot of horses and some of them are probably for sale, but no one knows it. It's not practical to walk around telling everyone you've got a horse for sale. One customer in Kentucky told us he went to a training course and brought his horse along as a display. He wanted to sell the horse so he stuck the rump sign on it, and within two hours he had sold it."
  Rogers says the Rump Sign takes a small amount of hair when it's removed, but no more than is lost during brushing.
  A pack of two signs sells for $4 plus $1.10 S&H. Or you can buy a kit that includes six rump signs; two "anywhere" stall signs that show the breed, age and gender along with contact information; one classified ad; and an "Easy Guide to Selling Horses" book. The kit sells for $24.95 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Horse Sales Made Easy, P.O. Box 555, Parkman, Ohio 44080 (ph 440 221-4141; jjj2711@Alltel.net; www. horsesales madeeasy.com).

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