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Ag Bag Introduces New Grain Bagger
One of the first companies on the market with a machine exclusively for bagging grain is Ag Bag with its new Ag Grain Bagger.
The Astoria, Ore., based firm describes it as "a low-cost, high-capacity grain bagger for storing wheat, barley, corn and other grains in oxygen-free storage bags.
The bagger gives you the flexibility of storing grain anywhere from the field to the farmyard. "With it, you can bag high moisture grain (25% moisture or higher) as well as dry grain (12% moisture or lower) for up to one year before feeding or shipping," a company spokesman points out. "Grain up to 18% moisture can be stored for a couple weeks and then dried upon removal. This gives you the flexibility of having a quick storage place when the dryer is full, or lines at the elevator are long."
The machine, unlike silage baggers, doesn't have a packing system which is needed for silage but crushes grain. It features a 3 ft. long, 10 in. dia., hydraulically powered auger which feeds grain from the hopper into the 9 by 135 ft. bag which holds 4,500 bu. A hopper sits on top of the bagger so you can auger grain in directly from your combine or side unloading box. The machine can bag one ton per minute.
The only moving part on the machine is the auger. The tractor hitched to the Ag Grain Bagger is forced forward by the grain as the bag fills. The bagger is 7 ft., 10 in. high, and 12 ft. 9 in. wide.
Grain can be removed from bags with pneumatic systems, augers, or with a tractor and loader.
The new Ag Grain Bagger sells for $5,300.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ag Bag, P.O. Box 418, Astoria, Ore. 97103 (ph 503 325-325-2488).

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