2006 - Volume #30, Issue #2, Page #31
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Toilet "Seats" For Truck Hitches

"Your truck can go anywhere, now you can too." That's the slogan for the Off-Road Commode, a camouflage fabric and padding-covered steel toilet seat that fits 2-in. receiver hitches.
  The fabric cover slides off for washing. The seat handles up to 500 lbs. It hides under most car and truck seats. Some users may be uneasy because there's no privacy. "The Off-Road Commode isn't a porta potty. It's not intended to be used in a state park or a public place," says John Krawietz, president of Convenient Sports International.
  Sells for $39.95 plus $15 S&H. A drawstring pouch to hold it sells for $10.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Convenient Sports International, 231 West FM 544, Suite 116, Murphy, Texas 75094 (ph 972 516-2287; fax 972 516-2281; www.backyardbatter.com).
  If you're looking for something more versatile and willing to spend a little more money, you might consider the Bumper Dumper. "It's the ultimate outdoor toilet," says inventor Randy Soffar. It has a steel "goalie shaped" frame that slides into any 2-in. receiver hitch. A standard white toilet seat with lid (included) bolts to the frame just as it would on your home toilet. It'll hold up to 600 lbs. You can also put a bag or 5-gal. bucket underneath.
  Not only that, you can take it and the bucket into the woods for some privacy. If you need some extra back support, just lean the hitch part of the frame against a tree or something else that's sturdy. Sells for $59.95 plus S&H. An additional toilet paper holder that slides on the hitch part sells for $5.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Step Enterprises (ph 281 277-3309; fax 281 277-3188; bumperdmpr@aol.com; www.bumperdumper.com).

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2006 - Volume #30, Issue #2