2006 - Volume #30, Issue #2, Page #13
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"Best Buy" Silage Conveyor

Charles Kruenegel of Shobonier, Ill., says he couldn't be happier with his Dutch Prairie silage conveyor.
  Made of wood, the conveyors have a lot longer life than galvanized sheet metal. And, by moving feed along the bottom of the conveyor, they are 100 percent efficient in delivering silage and grain to the feeders outside.
  Kruenegel, along with sons David and Tyler, feeds replacement dairy heifers for a large dairy in southern Illinois.
  Dutch Prairie sells two kinds of conveyors: single chain and double chain. The single chain is quite similar to the time-honored corn dump. That is, the chain goes around the end on a sprocket and returns underneath.
  Unlike the old corn dump, which has a chain and flights making a loop over the bottom of the conveyor, the double chain conveyor has both advancing and returning flights in the same trough. The chain moves in both directions simultaneously. What this does is allow the feed to drop to the bottom and be moved along to its destination by the lower chain and its flights. This keeps all feed confined within the conveyor housing. In so doing, there is absolutely no loss.
  "Before, we had a wide belt, and there was loss over the edges," notes Charley.
  The conveyors are made from either treated lumber or plastic. In most farm operations, the treated lumber works best.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Charles Kruenegel, Shobonier, Ill. (ph 618 846-8465) or Dutch Prairie Conveyors, RR 1, P.O. Box 159A, Shobonier, Ill. 62885 (ph 618 349-6177).

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2006 - Volume #30, Issue #2