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Remote Control Glider Gives Birds Eye View Of Crops
CropCam, a Stony Mountain, Manitoba company demonstrated its mini agriculture plane at the Agritechnica show in Hanover.
  The 4-ft. long, radio-controlled toy glider weighs 6 lbs. with a wingspan of 8 ft. It has a .15-cu. in. engine with a 6-oz. gas tank and flies up to 60 km/h in winds up to 30 km/h.
  You simply throw it in the air and the glider flies to a preprogrammed point and takes high-resolution images of the specified area from a digital camera mounted underneath.
  For a "big picture" of the field, the plane flies up to 2,100 ft. and takes six partially overlapping images. If you need more detailed information, you can fly it at 400 ft. with the camera taking 90 photos.
  The CropCam is designed to last for more than 100 flights.
  The gas model sells for $10,500 and the electric version for $11,500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, CropCam, P.O. Box 720, 72067 Road 8E, Sturgeon Rd., Manitoba, R0C 3A0 Canada (ph 204 344-5617; fax 204 344-5706; info@cropcam.com; www.cropcam.com).

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