2005 - Volume #29, Issue #6, Page #41
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Old Bicycles Converted To Lawn Ornaments

I strip down old bicycles to make "bird" lawn ornaments, using bicycle forks for the legs and a shovel or chisel plow shank for the body. The beaks are formed from sickle guards and the eyes are made from big washers. I use disc blades for the bases, although some models have feet and toes made out of rerod. Sometimes I cut an old garden rake in half for wings.
  I also make lady bugs out of old drinking cups found in dairy stanchion barns. I turn the cups upside down and put eyes on them where the bolt holes used to be. I also add a little tail. The legs and feet are made from cultivator teeth. Every year I have a yard sale where I sell the birds for $25 apiece. (Cleo L. Brown, 11861 Carlisle Hwy., Nashville, Mich. 49073 ph 517 852-0738)

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #6