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Add-On Fan Keeps ATV Engine Cool
Doug Fluit of Lynden, Wash., uses a 1996 Honda ATV equipped with an air-cooled engine to do a lot of spraying and fertilizing in his commercial nursery. With rows and rows of tree branches overhead there's little air movement, which often caused the ATV's engine to overheat.
  He eliminated the problem by mounting a 6-in. dia., swivel-mount electric fan alongside the engine. The fan is powered by the ATV's battery and is activated by a switch on the handlebars.
  The fan came off an old school bus where it mounted on the dashboard. Fluit used 1/4-in. thick steel plate to make a bracket that bolts to the fan's base and also clamps onto the ATV's frame.
  "It lets me operate the ATV at idle all day long without ever overheating the engine," says Fluit. "I've put hundreds of hours on my ATV since I added the fan, with no problems. I think the same idea could be used on any ATV equipped with a 12-volt battery.
  "Most of the engines on newer ATV's are water cooled but they still don't have a fan, so you have to keep the ATV moving in order to force air through the radiator. Therefore I think the basic idea would work on newer ATV's, too."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Doug Fluit, 2003 Bangbron Road, Lynden,Wash. 98264 (ph 360 354-8486 or 360 815-7061).

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