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Modification To Pressue Washer Wand
Eugene P. Yavorski, Palm Coast, Fla.: "Sometimes I use my 2004 Volvo all-wheel-drive car to pull a tandem axle utility trailer. One time when I was backing up to the trailer, I accidentally overshot the ball hitch on back of the car and the trailer's tongue just nicked the car's plastic bumper. Luckily, the impact didn't crack the bumper. To prevent that accident from ever happening again, I welded a 6-in. long by 3-in. wide, 3/8-in. thick steel plate to the top of the hitch. Now if I ever overshoot the ball, the steel plate will keep the trailer tongue from ever hitting the bumper.
  "I use a Honda 3,400-lb. psi pressure washer around my home to clean my driveway, etc. With that much pressure the wand is always exerting an upward pressure on my arms, which really gets tiring. To counterbalance the upward pressure, I added a 2-ft. length of 5/8-in. thick rebar to the wand, securing the rebar to the wand with plastic wire tires. Now the wand actually floats, and all I have to do is guide it. I've used this idea for several years and it works great."

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