2005 - Volume #29, Issue #6, Page #29
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Polaris Ranger Lift Kits Increase Ground Clearance

Farmer-inventor Bill Peterson of Edmore, Mich., recently started a sideline business called Ranger Pro Lift.
  He builds and sells after-market lift kits for Polaris Ranger ATV's. The kits are a practical way to raise the vehicle's suspension, boosting ground clearance and providing room for bigger tires. Some people just like the beefy look that the kit gives their machine.
  Once installed, instead of two spring settings (low and high) you have three - low, medium and high.
  "Having three settings offers greater flexibility because it provides the option for greater load capacity. You can carry more weight on the highest setting," says Peterson.
  He can custom-make the front lifts according to clients' individual needs. However, he suggests that, to give their Ranger a "level" look, they should go with the standard 2-in. lift.
  The kit consists of blocks which are a coil spacer and strut spacer that raise the struts and springs on the front suspension, and a bracket at the rear that relocates the shock, giving added height.
  "I have kits for the 2000 to 2006 models and I also have a front lift kit for all years of 6 by 6's," he says. "I installed a kit on my own new 2005 Polaris Ranger and ran it all summer - about 200 hours - and have had no problems at all with it."
  Peterson has been selling his lift kits (front and back) on eBay for $135 (plus shipping). For front lift only, he charges $65, and for rear lift brackets, the price is $70 (plus shipping for either one). Prices are as listed above, regardless of the model year.
  He says someone who has never installed a lift before could expect the job to take about 2 to 3 hours, with basic tools.
  Peterson promotes his product and offers more information and advice to interested Polaris Ranger enthusiasts by way of an internet forum called www.prcforum.com. To find him there, go to the website, click on "topics," then on "sponsor section," and then on "Ranger Pro Lift."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Peterson, 3300 E. North County Line, Edmore, Mich. 48829 (ph 989 427-5741; 2708@nethawk.com; www.prcforum.com).

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #6