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Garage Door Opener Powers Farm Gate
S. Doug VanDyke, Salem, Ore., hated it when deer destroyed his yard and garden. That's why he built a 6-ft. high fence around his place that's about 1,000 ft. long with a gate on it. But the manual gate meant he and everyone else had to get out of their vehicles to open and close it. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on a new opener, VanDyke made one using a used garage door opener he found at a garage sale. With additional parts, his automatic gate cost about $20.
  The opener and other components are housed under a 14 by 29-in. cover made from a salvaged heating duct set next to a block pillar.
  He built the brackets to stand out about 12 to 15 in. from the wood post and the gate. He added a pivot bracket for the motor end and welded a pivot pin on the traveling carriage of the opener. They can use the remote control from the house.
  "The deer stay out and we and our guests can come and go easily," he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, S. Douglas VanDyke, 1714 Bunker Hill Road S., Salem, Ore. 97306 (ph 503 589-1911; mabldugv@open.org).

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