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Newest Mini Cattle Breed: The Belted Lessor Jersey
"It's a highly desirable breed of miniature cattle that's also a good mini milker and could even be a wonderful pet," says Richard Gradwohl, Happy Mountain Miniature Cattle Farm Corp., Covington, Wash., about a new miniature cattle breed called the belted Lessor Jersey.
  When full grown Lessor Jerseys will be 38 to 48 in. tall.
  Buckie is the son of Jackson, the original belted Lessor Jersey. Jackson is 81.25 percent Lessor Jersey and 18.75 percent Buelingo. Jackson has a full white belt from the Buelingo influence. The Buelingo breed is based on a 50-50 cross between the Angus and Belted Galloway beef breeds. "The wide, white belt from Jackson will come through genetically in 50 percent of the offspring."
  Gradwohl is founding director of the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and over the last few years has developed several other mini cattle breeds. "This new breed is not only capable of outstanding feed efficiency but also has high quality milk production. And its docile nature makes it a great pet," he says.
  The animals are registered in the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society.  "We're interested in selling these animals only to people who will work closely with us in further development of these unique animals. Semen and embryos are available," says Gradwohl.
  "We want to develop herds of Jackson offspring worldwise. We view this as our way to make a significant contribution to controlling world hunger by developing a world class breed of miniature cattle that is highly feed efficient and also an excellent producer for both beef and high quality milk."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Happy Mountain Miniature Cattle Farm, 25204 - 156th Ave. S.E., Covington, Wash. 98042 (ph 253 631-1911; fax 253 631-5774; info@minicattle.com; www.minicattle.com).

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