Swiss Cow Bells Ring In Ohio
Memories of cowbells heard during a trip to Switzerland made Charles Buehler, want to bring the pleasant sound to his Paulding, Ohio farm.
Buehler shared his thoughts with a cousin, who lived in Switzerland. Thanks to his cousin's efforts, Buehler soon received six solid brass bells all in varying shapes and tones and all cast with the Buehler name and date.
Although the bells are typically put on cows in Switzerland so farmers can hear where their dairy cows are grazing in the mountains, Buehler puts the bells on six, 900-lb. steers. The bells attach to a 4-in. wide adjustable black leather belt that fits around the animal's neck. The heaviest bell weighs about 6-lbs.while the other bells weigh slightly less and have an average base of about 6-in.
Buehler notes that it took a while for the steers to get used to the bells and there were some moments of kicking, jumping and head-shaking. Now he hears sweet sounds of Swiss bells everytime he goes outside.
He and his wife are awaiting a seventh bell that's being specially cast. It will have 12-in. base and carry the Buehler name and date as well as the family crest. Buehler says this bell will sit over the mantlepiece.
For more information direct from the maker of Buehler's cow bells, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Peter Berger, 3552 Barau, Switzerland.

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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #3