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Low Cost Way To Boost Capacity Of Your Conventional Combine
Putting .a pair of $95 material-moving paddles on the platform auger could boost capacity of your conventional combine up to 25% or more, and reduce grain loss to practically zero.
So says Montana farmer Don Hicks, of Geraldine, who teamed up with neighbor Ray Wishman to develop Feedmaster bolt-on paddles (each 4 in high and 6 in. wide) that help move material onto the feeder chain. "We're recommending them for all makes of conventional combines," says Hicks. "It only takes two paddles to solve the universal feeding problem and give your conventional combine the nearly comparable harvesting capacity and efficiency of a rotary.
"For years we had feeding difficulty with our Massey 510 combines, especially when we encountered short or weak straw. We discovered that the problem with this and other conventional combines is related to a universal problem--poor flow of crop material from the platform auger to the feeder house and chain. When we equipped 510's with prototype Feedmaster paddle attachments to help move slugged material along, capacity was increased by about 30% and grain loss over the seives was practically eliminated," says Hicks.
He and Wishman are now manufacturing and marketing their new Feedmaster paddles at $95 per set of two, including mounting brackets and bolts but not UPS delivery. Individual paddles (4 in. high and 6 in. wide) are made of a special flexible, abrasion-resistant plastic.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ray Wishman, Box 247, Geraldine, Mont. 59446 (ph 406 737-4342).

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