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He Uses Liquid Propane To Kill Gophers
I've read several methods in FARM SHOW about how to get rid of gophers and ground squirrels. There's another way to do it that I like.
  I use a 25-lb. propane tank, running a rubber hose between the tank and a 2 to 3 ft. long piece of 1/4-in. dia. pipe. I find the gopher run and put the pipe down into it. Then I turn the tank upside down to force the liquid propane down into the run. A cupfull will do the job since one cupful expands 250 times when it turns to gas.
Here's another idea that works. You can use sulfur to get rid of moles. When you fertilize your yard or fields, just use 20 lbs. of prilled sulfur per acre. It will, in time, get rid of all the bugs and worms that moles live on and the moles will go elsewhere. This idea works but you won't find it in a college book. (C.K. Christensen, Norway, Kan.)

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