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Sling Supports PTO-Operated Hydraulic Pump
Roy Klindt, Crane Valley, Sask.: "I had difficulty seeing the twine when baling with my round baler. I couldn't tell if the twine was moving or not so I often dumped out bales that weren't tied. I also had bales with twine wrapped all through them because the twine didn't cut off and I didn't realize that it was still going out. I solved the problem by mounting a wooden sewing machine thread spool on front of the baler. The twine travels over this spool, turning it, so I can see at a glance whether the twine is moving. I painted a dark stripe on the spool to make any movement easy to see.
  "The pto-operated hydraulic pump on my New Holland haybine is quite heavy and tended to sag on the tractor's pto shaft. The resulting vibration caused the hydraulic hoses to rub against the haybine frame. I was afraid the hoses would wear through and also that the steel lines they were connected to would fail due to metal fatigue.
  "To solve the problem I made a sling for the pump that keeps it running nice and straight. I wrapped a piece of baler belt around the pump and used a pair of square steel plates to bolt the top ends of the belt together. The plate connects to a steel bracket that's welded to the top link on the tractor's 3-pt. hitch. The pump can be raised or lowered by turning a 2 1/2-in. long bolt that connects the bracket to the flat plates."

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