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Modified Auger Cleans Grain On Way To Bin
Ralph Schenk, and son Randy, of Mt. Union, Iowa, modified their 58 ft. long grain auger so fines are removed from corn as it's augered into the bin. With the fines out, Schenk notes that grain is easier to ventilate and the danger of spoilage is greatly reduced.
Key to the modification are the three 14-in. wide, 2-ft. long hammermill screens welded to the auger tubing. "First, we found screens that had 1/8-in. dia. holes. Then, we had the screens rolled to fit the configuration of our 7-in. dia. auger," says Ralph, noting that screens with 3/16-in. holes would also work.
The men cut out three sections of tubing, then welded on the three screens about 1/3rd of the way up the auger.
Ralph notes that, by mounting the screens higher up on the auger, fines get a chance to separate from the corn, so they clean out better. A tin aluminum chute funnels fines into a wagon underneath the auger. Last fall, Ralph notes that they got about 75 bu. of fines from 7,500 bu. of corn.
When augering soybeans, the Schenks take stove pipe tin and strap it tightly around the tubing so no crop is lost.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ralph Schenk, Rt. 1, Box 135, Mt. Union, Iowa 52644 (ph 319 865-4241).

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