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Simple Device To Repair Wire Fences
Ron Kesler, Backwoodsman Magazine: "This simple device comes in handy to repair wire fences. It makes a neat splice. It consists of a metal strip that's 1 in. wide and 1/8 in. thick. One end is cut narrow and is bent into a hook that's large enough to fit over the wire. At the sides of this, two notches are filed off.
  "The other drawing shows the splicer in position on the wire. The splicer should be turned backward, as shown in the drawing, to make the splice. A pair of large pliers should be used to hold the two wires between the coils while turning the splicer.
  "The splice as finished appears in the third drawing. A 6 or 7-in. piece of metal can be used to make the splicer. This will be about right for no. 8 wire. If it is to be used only for smaller wire, the length of the handle can be reduced for the sake of convenience."

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