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Grade School Kids Drove Dad's Car To School
When I was in 5th grade in the 1920's, I drove my Dad's Model T to school. And it was all legal.
  A few years before I started taking the car to school, my brother, sister and I rode horses. However, my brother, who was three years older than me, learned to drive the Model T out on our farm. It was an older, "knock around" car since the main family car was a newer 1928 Chevy sedan.
  My Dad decided that we might as well drive the car to school rather than take the two horses. In those days, nobody had to have a driver's license. If you thought you could drive, it was all perfectly legal.
  Everything went smooth for a while on the 4-mile drive to school. But envy was getting the better of most of the boys in school. Retaliation was coming.
  One night as we tried to pull away, just about every boy in school who could get a hand on the back of the Model T hung on tight and held the car back. The underpowered car killed out and the boys thought it was hilarious.
  The next day, they did it again. My brother, Spud, who had a temper, got mad. He would jump out, crank the engine, jump back in, and chug ahead a bit until the engine quit because of the boys hanging on. After four or five times, Spud got his revenge. Instead of going forward, he put the car in reverse. I saw boys scattering left and right. Directly beneath me, I saw the rear wheel run over someone's leg. No one got hurt. The guy who got run over got up and brushed himself off.
  Nobody ever held us back after that. But some of the fun had gone out of driving to school.

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