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Big Cart Catches Chaff For Cheap Cattle Feed
Ken and Jason Sawby, father and son, operate a small fabrication shop on their farm near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. They make or remodel a lot of equipment for neighbors and also do a lot of fabrication for area gas drilling companies.
  When a nearby cattleman asked for two big dump carts to catch chaff behind combines, they were happy to oblige.
  The wagons catch chaff and other fines while harvesting small grain, peas, canola and other crops. The fines are hauled off the field, and stored for use as cattle feed.
  They're similar to dump wagons used with silage cutters. But none of the dump wagons the customer had found would lift as high as he needed. He wanted them to lift and dump into a truck that's about 15 ft. tall.
  The Sawbys started by making a frame from 3 by 6-in. steel tubing. They added dual wheels on a walking beam axle. The dump bin itself is made of 12 and 14 gauge sheet metal set in a frame made of various sizes of steel tubing.
  The men designed a hydraulic dump mechanism that lifts and dumps the bin in one action with one hydraulic control valve. The Sawbys had two special combination cylinders made for each end of the wagon. "They're actually made up of two cylinders of different sizes welded together butt to butt," Ken explains.
  The two cylinders are plumbed together with a T in the hydraulic line.
  The larger bottom cylinder, which measures 3 1/2 in. dia. by 5 ft. , lifts the bin. When it hits its extended length, the top cylinder, which is 3 in. by 3 ft., kicks in and does the dumping.
  "To provide hydraulics to the chaff wagon, they put a flow divider into the hydraulic line on the combine that raises the unload auger. So the same valve that controls the auger is used to dump the chaff wagon," Sawby says.
  The design of the chaff wagon allows it to be dumped into a truck without unhooking from the combine.
  The Sawbys designed a cantilever system that automatically raises the roof of the chaff wagon as the bin tips to dump.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken and Jason Sawby, High Desert Enterprises, Box 1660, Maple Creek, Sask., Canada S0N 1N0 (ph 306 662-3311).

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