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55-Gal. Barrel Makes Cheap Parts Washer
Old 55-gal. steel barrels can be turned into cheap parts washers, says Dwayne Lowe of Chanute, Kansas, who used an old 55-gal. barrel and an electric, recirculating submersible solvent pump to make his own parts washer.
  "It's easy to use, and it cost me less than $10 to build," says Lowe.
  He cut away an 8-in. deep quarter section on top of one side of the barrel. He welded in a section of steel plate vertically to both sides of the barrel and then trimmed the part of the lid that he had cut away to fit behind the plate. The top lid hinges on top of the vertical plate.
  The barrel has a removable wash tray about 8 in. down from the barrel's lip. The tray sets on top of a clamp ring that he removed from the top of the barrel and welded to the barrel's sides. The pump is suspended about two thirds of the way down the barrel and plugs into a 110-volt outlet and switch box that mounts on the cut-away lid. The pump's electric line and washer hose runs up through a bunge hole in the cut-away lid. By removing two hinge pins, Lowe can remove the top lid in order to clean out the barrel. At the same time, the cut-away lid can be lifted off together with the pump, washer nozzle, and switch box.
  When the parts washer isn't in use, the top lid which is hinged and has a notch cut into it to make room for the washer hose - can be closed with the pump still inside the barrel.
  "It works great and is simple to use," says Lowe. "I already had the pump which I bought from Northern Tool (2800 Southcross Drive West, Burnsville, Minn. 55306 ph 952 894-9510; www.northerntool.com). It's a Little Giant parts washer pump that moves about 2 gallons per minute. It sells for about $50."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dwayne Lowe, 88 400th St., Chanute, Kansas 66720 (ph 620 433-1559).

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