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Pickup Step Doubles As A Bed Extender
If you could use a little help stepping up into the back of your pickup, you'll be interested in this new tailgate-mounted step that doubles as a bed extender.    
  The Kwik Gate is designed for most full-size pickup models. It extends out over the tailgate like other bed extenders but the back panel flips down to be used as a step. Installation requires drilling holes in the tailgate to insert five screws on each side. The side pieces remain permanently in position and fold into the pickup box when the tailgate closes. The back panel can be raised up vertically to help secure tall cargo or used to haul lumber, pipe, or other material too long for the bed.
  "It's more versatile than other pickup steps which can only be used to get into the truck," says Jerry Blake, Oak Creek Supply, Dannebrog, Neb.
  According to Blake, many newer pickup models have higher beds than older models, which makes it a chore to get up into the back of the pickup. It's especially true with 4-WD models. "I have a 2001 Dodge 2-WD pickup, and the bed on it is 3 in. higher than the bed on my old 1998 model. The bed on a 4-WD model would be even higher."
  The Kwik Gate is designed to fit most pickup brands and models. "There are a few models we're still working on, but in most instances we can adapt the unit to fit," says Blake.
  Kwik Gate comes with a gloss black powder coat finish.
  Sells for $150 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Oak Creek Supply, 1392 Highway 58, Dannebrog, Neb. 68831 (ph 800 967-2592; email: j_blake@cccusa.net; website: www.oakcreek supply.com or www.kwikgate.com).

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