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3-Pt. Splitter Eliminates Heavy Lifting, Bending
"My 3-pt. log splitter eliminates heavy lifting or bending over. It's designed to handle both big and small diameter wood," says Clarence Bartow, Merlin, Ore.
  The splitter works vertically and has its own hydraulic reservoir and pto-driven hydraulic pump. A metal splitting platform measures 4 1/2 ft. long by 27 in. wide. The platform hydraulically raises about 2 ft. off the ground. A 4-in. dia., 24-in. stroke hydraulic cylinder attached to a 17-in. long wedge is used to split the log. The operator uses a control lever on the tractor to raise and lower the platform, and another lever on the splitter to operate the cylinder.
  "It really works well and has exceeded my expectations," says Bartow. "The split wood always stays on the platform without ever falling to the ground. I just roll the log onto the platform, raise it up, and then lower the wedge into the log. I don't have to do any lifting or bending at all. I can work for hours without the slightest fatigue in my back.
  "I came up with the idea because I have a big firewood processing machine that can't take logs bigger than 19 in. in dia. I had 50 cords of oversize wood that wouldn't go through my processing machine so I had to find a splitter that could handle it. I searched the market but couldn't find what I needed. There are machines that lift the log onto a platform, but as soon as you push the splitter head the wood falls to the ground and you have to pick it back up again for resplitting. That's no big deal if you're splitting small diameter logs, but it is if you have to split big wood like I do."
  Bartow says it would probably be more convenient to locate the platform control lever on the splitter. However, he didn't do that because it could be dangerous. "Walking up to the tractor eliminates the chance my feet will ever be under the platform when it's lowered down to the ground."    
  He uses a 30 hp tractor to power the splitter and says it does a fantastic job. "I'm using a 21 gpm pto pump which works fast. The cylinder has a cycle time of only about 8 seconds compared to 15 to 20 seconds for splitters equipped with a 2-stage pump."
  The splitter sells for about $4,250.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clarence Bartow, 3587 Quartz Creek Road, Merlin, Ore. 97532 (ph 541 660-4995 or 541 474-0555).

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