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He Built His Own Tractor-Mounted Stump Grinder
"I use a wood burning stove to heat my home all winter long so I have to cut a lot of wood. That's what prompted me to build my own 3-pt. mounted stump grinder. It has saved me a lot of backaches," says Bill Roberson, Sesser, Ill.
  The stump grinder mounts on Roberson's Kubota 3010 30 hp tractor and is equipped with a 16-in. dia. grinding wheel. The pto drives a gearbox off an old 6-ft. brush cutter, which chain-drives the grinder head.The gearbox belt-drives a hydraulic pump that's used to operate two cylinders. One cylinder moves the grinding wheel left or right, and the other cylinder moves the wheel forward or backward. Two levers on back of the tractor are used to operate the cylinders.
  "I built it last year and have already used it on more than 80 tree stumps. It's really a handy piece of equipment," says Roberson. "I spent about a year thinking about it before I built it. This was my own design as I had never before seen a tractor-mounted stump grinder.
  He operates the stump grinder from the ground with the tractor in a stationary position. "I use the 3-pt. hitch to lower the grinding wheel close to the stump. Then I get off the tractor to operate it. The tractor has a live pto so I can reach over the fender and engage the pto without having to push the clutch."
  Once the grinding wheel is turning, he starts operating the levers. "First I extend the grinding wheel backward to cut into the stump from front to back. Once I've cut all the way through the stump I move the wheel left or right. The wheel can be moved a maximum of 18 in. from left to right and 12 in. forward and backward. If the stump is real big, I may have to move the tractor over once or twice."
  Roberson already had the cylinders, and a friend sold him the gearbox and pto shaft for $200. His total expense was about $300. "My son cut the grinding wheel out of 1-in. thick steel plate. It's fitted with six metal hardened drill bit teeth off a cutting machine used in coal mines," he notes.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Willis Roberson, 7990 Grammer Rd., Sesser, Ill. 62884 (ph 618 724-9638).

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