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Way To Unload Bins

Before you put up another grain bin, take a look at the Simrose Grain Bin Unloading System.
  It eliminates hopper bottoms and under floor unloading augers by using gravity to unload grain via 12-in. dia. plastic pipes that run from the bin floor down to a third plastic 16-in. pipe with an unload auger.
  The system is designed for new construction since the pipes are buried under the concrete floor.
  "To unload the bin, slide your auger into the outer opening. Then open the center slide and let the grain run down to the auger.
  "When the grain stops running from the center, open the slide on the pipe closer to the door and let the grain run away from the door. Then you can insert a bin sweep through the door to drag the rest of the grain to the two openings," says Philip Simrose, inventor.
  The system will handle 7,000 to 8,000 bushels an hour, he says.
  Sells for about $800 (Can.).
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Simritec Innovations, Inc., Box 102, Mortlach, Sask., Canada S0H 3E0 (ph 306 355-2709; email: pksimrose@sasktel.net; website: http://simritec.sasktelhosting.net).

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