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3-Pt. "Power Pack" Turns Pickup Into Tractor
"Our new portable 3-pt. hitch power pack lets a pickup or trailer do the work of a Cat. I tractor. It has hydraulics and a pto so you can use it to operate post hole diggers, mowers, sprayers, and other equipment. You don't have to modify the pickup at all," says Joe Raimondo, Bunnell, Fla. He exhibited the unit at the recent INPEX invention show in Pennsylvania where it won a silver medal.
  The Agro-Doall portable 3-pt. hitch is a self-contained unit that can operate most attachments that would normally require a tractor. It's designed to mount in the bed of any 1/2 or 1-ton pickup. Power is supplied by a 24 hp Honda gas engine that drives a hydraulic pump. The pto and 3-pt. lift arms mount on a backing plate that fits into the pickup's receiver hitch.
  Four hydraulic hoses go over the pickup tailgate. Two of the hoses are used to raise and lower the 3-pt. arms, while the other two operate the pto. The pto can be operated in either forward or reverse by simply flipping a lever.
  The unit is also available with a 30 hp Yanmar diesel engine which can perform the same operations as the gas engine unit but offers more torque and engine life with improved fuel economy.
  Also available is a unit powered by a 12-volt chargeable battery pack that charges through the pickup's trailer power plug. It has a 3-pt. hitch but not a pto. It can be used to raise, lower and transport 3-pt. implements.
  "Whatever you can do with a Cat. I tractor, you can do from the comfort of your pickup with this unit," says Raimondo. "The pto has unbelievable torque. The reversible feature on the pto can come in handy. For example, if a post hole auger gets stuck all you have to do is flip a lever to operate the auger in the opposite direction. Or if a conveyor belt gets caught you can reverse the pto to reverse the belt.
  "The 3-pt. has power up, power down, and draft control. The power down feature really comes in handy for doing scraper work, because you can apply down pressure to the blade.
  "You can also leave the hydro pack in the field to operate a well pump or in your barn to operate a generator.
  "We also offer a drawbar equipped with a pto for cases where you don't need a 3-pt. hitch. It's designed to fit into the pickup's receiver hitch and will pull any implement with drawbar capability. Works great for larger implements such as a 15-ft. mower."
  Also available is a backhoe kit that attaches any smaller backhoe to your pickup.
  The gas Hydro-Pack with backing plate sells for less than $5,000. The diesel hydro-pack sells for less than $10,000. The 12-volt hydro-pack with backing plate sells for less than $3,000.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joe Raimondo, Agro-Doall Systems, LLC, 490 South County Road, Bunnell, Fla. 32110 (ph 386 931-0615; email: bear-ben@msn.com).

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