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Calfcart Transport For Newborn Calves
A rancher who tested the new "Calfcart" says he wouldn't even try to ranch now without one.
The Calfcart, developed by Montana rancher Buck Dear and manufactured and sold by Tim Spencer, Great Falls, makes the mother cow think her newborn calf is running away, so she follows along. The idea enables the rancher to move newborn calves and their mother cows to get them away from a scours-ridden calf-drop area, or the main herd. The cart will go in mud or snow, if not unusually deep, says Spencer.
The 2-wheel cart weighs 40 lbs. and is wide (62 in.) so doesn't tip over easily. It can be pulled by pickup or horse, and the cow stays close to her calf if the pull rope is 20 to 25 ft. long.
A front tie-ring provides a place to attach the rope, and serves as a brake when going downhill.
The calf rides in a cradle made of 2-in. nylon straps, and a butt piece keeps it from sliding out backwards. Its feet dangle about 2 in. off the ground.
"There's nothing quite as good for a new-born calf as moving it to dry, clean ground," says Spencer. "With the Calfcart, the mother cow has easy access to smell her calf and will follow along for miles."
Sells for $195.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup; Calfcart Co., 2312 Ninth Ave. S., Great Falls, Mt. 59405 (ph 406 453-5561).

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