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Installing Pistons On Air Compressors Or Small Engines
Karl Oysmueller, Pink Mountain, B.C.:   "When installing pistons on air compressors or small engines, I would sometimes break the rings since I don't have the special pliers needed to compress them. I've eliminated the problem by first wrapping the piston in a piece of smooth tin that's the same height as the piston, but leaving two Šears' on the ends so I can tighten the tin up like a clamp around the piston with vise grips to compress the rings. Then I just tape the piston down into the cylinder. Works slick.
  "I have used the thin cardboard from coke boxes as gaskets on ATV engines. I used it where the cylinder pot gets bolted onto the motor housing. There have been no oil leaks or other prolbems since I started doing this a few years ago."

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2003 - Volume #27, Issue #2