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Cut Off Car Makes Good Auger Mover
You can turn any front-wheel drive car into a deluxe auger mover, according to Alberta fanner Ken Wise, who cut down a 1977 Honda Civic and married it up to a 10-in. by 50-ft. grain auger.
"One of the best things about using a car as an auger mover is that it can be driven down the road at 30 to 40 mph in a safe and stable manner. You can also tow it behind a truck by retracting the cylinder to raise the car off the ground," says Wise.
He cut the chassis of the car off behind the driver's seat and then built a frame back to the auger axle. The car engine is used only to power the car. A 37 hp. Wisconsin motor provides power to the auger, although Wise says he plans to replace the auger drive with a large hydraulic-powered orbit motor.
The car has a 4-speed manual transmission. "I think it might work better if it had an automatic since you could creep around slower when setting up at a bin. You also would be able to put it into park to stabilize it," Wise told FARM SHOW.
A hydraulic control next to the driver's seat controls the 3 by 36-in. cylinder that raises and lowers the bottom end of the auger. It can also be used to lower the top end of the auger all the way to the ground for servicing and greasing. "That's a handy feature because you don't have to get up on a ladder," Wise notes.
The auger winch is orbit motor driven, controlled by a 12-volt double acting orbit motor solenoid valve. The car's turn signal switch controls the valve to raise and lower the top end of the auger for positioning onto the bin.
When towed behind a 1/2-ton pickup,
with the car raised off the ground, the wheels clear the ground by about 6 in.
Wise plans to set up an 8-in. auger in the same way to use for unloading bins.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken M. Wise, Box 219, Rockyford, Alberta T0J 2R0 Canada (ph 403 533-2254).

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