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Restorer's Guide To Deere Parts And Services
Several years ago you ran a story that de-scribed how to make your own mufflers for farm tractors and other equipment. !wanted to let you know that I've built several of the mufflers and they work great. One tractor was making so much noise I could hardly stand to run it until I installed my home-built muffler. Maybe you should run that story again so other farmers can try it out. (Myron Hubbard)
Roland Widdowson, Oberlin, Ohio, builds his own replacement mufflers because, he says, store-bought replacement mufflers "never last more than a year on my farm". Here's how Widdowson makes his sound stoppers:
I use the mounting plate on the old muffler, either as a pattern or as it is, and mount an 18-in. long piece of 3-in. dia. rigid electrical conduit on it. Inside, at the bottom of the conduit, I weld a 1 1/2-in. piece of galvanized pipe that reaches up into the conduit about 6 in.! cut a `V' in the top of this smaller pipe and cap it with a metal plate that acts as a baffle. On the top end of the muffler, I cut a metal cap to fit inside the 3-in. pipe, leaving a hole in it for another piece of 1 1/2-in. pipe. This upper pipe reaches down into the 3-in. pipe about 6 in. and I cut a `V' into it also and cap it. The `V's' force the exhaust to take an indirect path to exit the muffler and deaden the sound. I've found that this design is a little noisier than a factory job but seems to last indefinitely. I've built mufflers for three smaller Deere tractors, always using pipe salvaged in junkyards. The idea should work for any tractor."
Do you need parts for that old Johnny Pop-per but Deere no longer makes them? There's a new book out which may be just what you need. "The Restorer's Guide To John Deere Parts and Services" lists hundreds of sources of used, reproduction and new stock parts for those older John Deeres. Whether you want to resleeve that model 720 you still use or need new fenders to make that model D parade-ready, this is where you'll find who to contact. This book can save you many hours and hundreds of dollars in phone calls looking for parts. The 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 in. book of John Deere parts and services is $5.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.
Also available is a companion book covering all other brands of tractors such as Farmall, Oliver, Case, Minneapolis Moline and others. "The Restorer's Guide to Parts and Services for IH, AC and Other Brands" (excluding John Deere) is just $5.75 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. (Richard Hain, Green Magazine Publications, Rt. 1, Box 7H, Bee, Neb. 68314 (ph 402 643-6269)

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