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Custom Built Rigs For Fertilizing Row Crops
"We can tailor applicators to fit each farmer's needs and budget," says Larry Nelson, owner of L & D Ag Service, custom-builder of specialized fertilizer and spraying equipment. Pictured is the "Stripper" which the Hartland, Minn., firm custom-built for Minnesota farmer Archie Klunder, of Walters.
The basic frame is a 20 ft. wide toolbar salvaged from a Cyclo corn planter. Dry fertilizer is carried in a Gandy "Orbit Air" applicator and DMI coulters apply both dry fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia from a tow-behind nurse tank. The Stripper gets its name from the way it places fertilizer - in a concentrated strip that can be positioned in the center of a ridge, 6 to 8 in. to the side, or between pre-and post-planting.
The rig can be used in the fall to apply fertilizer after the crop is taken off, and in the spring before and/or after planting. It can handle ridge-till, no-till or conventional row crops; deep or shallow placement; and simultaneous application of dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer. Other available options include anhydrous metering, electronic scales, markers, knife sealers, pneumatic metering and delivery of dry or suspension materials, and various coulter, knife, pump and plumbing combinations.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, L & D Ag Service, Box 208, Hartland, Minn. 56042 (ph 507 845-2100).

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