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State-Of-The-Art Round Bale Feeding Machine
A new round bale feeding machine is gentler on hay, improving the quality that gets to cattle, according to its Sask. inventor.
  The BaleMax 1400 uses sickle knives instead of flails to pull hay off the bale and feed it into bunks or windrows.
  "It produces a fine and gentle cut without creating a lot of dust, and doesn't beat the hay to a pulp like flails do. That saves more leaves and stems and results in higher feed quality," says inventor Brian Shygera.
  The pto-operated machine is designed to carry two round bales at a time. It uses a rotor to break up the hay and discharge it out the right side. The hay is cut by a row of 32 sickle knives mounted on a sliding cutter plate, which can be hydraulically raised or lowered to adjust the length of the cut.
  The rotor itself is equipped with welded-on teeth and rotates counterclockwise. "The rotor on a conventional bale shredder spins clockwise and shoots material out the bottom, spreading quite a distance. The rotor on our machine spins counterclockwise so material comes over the top," says Shygera.
  The sliding plate with the knives on it has five different settings for various lengths of cut. "You can make a finer cut for cows and a coarser cut for bedding. The sickle knives can be completely removed from the discharge area if fine cutting isn't required. This machine isn't designed to throw bedding material out 60 ft. like some other machines on the market. However, it can be used to lay down bedding material evenly at short distances, up to 20 ft., and in confined spaces such as barns and corrals."
  Sells for $14,000 (Can.).
  An electric twine cutter is available that makes removing twine from the rotor a fast and easy job. It has a heating element that melts through plastic twine.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, REM Mfg. Ltd., P.O. Box 1207, 2180 Oman Dr., Swift Current, Sask., Canada S9H 3X4 (ph 800 667-7420 or 306 773-0644; email: remsales@rem.sk.ca; website: www.rem manufacturing.com).

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