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Red, White And Blue Garden Tractor
Your readers might be interested in my red, white and blue garden tractor. I got a Sears Craftsman from a friend for free. It wasn't running and I was going to scavenge parts off it but then I decided it wasn't in too bad shape and maybe I could fix it. I first decided to paint it and, as you can see, I got a little carried away. Then I extended both rear axles and the front spindles. I put big tires all around and made front fenders out of rear fenders from another tractor. I got the 10 hp. motor running and then read an article in FARM SHOW about someone who made a little tractor that ran 45 mph. So I changed pulleys on the transaxle and on the motor so that this little tractor now runs 45 mph and even does wheelies.
  I've had a lot of fun building and driving it. Other than labor, I've spent only about $75 for belts, pulleys, and paint. (Lynn Beccue, 7525 W. 700 N., Fair Oaks, Ind. 47943 ph 219 866-8780)

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2005 - Volume #29, Issue #2